EasiVac® Bladder Evacuator

EasiVac® is a single-use evacuator designed to remove post-procedure debris from the bladder.  The device features a strong bulb that permits quick evacuation and an anti-reflux valve that prevents debris from reentering into the bladder.  EasiVac’s® durable plastic chamber can be drained of fluid and closed with a lid for analysis of bladder debris in the lab.

Easy Connection

  • Various adaptors to allow direct connection to various resectoscope sheaths
  • Leakproof connection to prevent spills and reduce clean up

Suction and Filtration

  • Rapidly collects fragments remaining after resection
  • Anti-reflux system prevents fragments from re-entering into the bladder
  • Strong bulb allows for no wait between pressures for quick evacuation

Smart, Durable, and Disposable Construction

  • Shock-proof construction will not break in case of drop
  • Main chamber can be closed with lid and sent to lab for analysis
  • Single-use and latex-free
EasiVac® Bladder Evacuator
Product Description Sales UOM EA / Sales UOM
E80103 EasiVac with Wolf connector Retail Box 20
E80203 EasiVac with STORZ connector Retail Box 20
E80303 EasiVac with OLYMPUS connector Retail Box 20
E80403 EasiVac with CIRCON-ACMI connector Retail Box 20

Indications for Use: Removal of prostate chips after TURP.

Warnings: Reuse of this single-use product may create a potential risk to the user. Reprocessing, cleaning, disinfection, and sterilization may compromise product characteristics which in turn create an additional risk of physical harm to or infection of the patient.

Adverse Events: The following events have been reported although their occurrence greatly depends on medical conditions of patient: infection, encrustation, obstruction, rupture, migration, bladder irritation symptoms, pain, hematuria, erosion.

See Instructions for Use for detailed information regarding warnings/precautions, adverse events prior to using this product.

For further information contact Coloplast Corp at 1-800-258-3476 and/or consult the company website at www.coloplast.us.

Caution: Federal law (USA) restricts this device to sale by or on the order of a physician.

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