Dormia® N. Stone Retrieval Devices

Dormia® N. Stone baskets are designed for use within the ureter during rigid or semi-rigid ureteroscopy. N. Stone baskets feature a 4-wire helical shape with an atraumatic tip for maximum stone retention. The Teflon coated sheath reduces friction and provides smooth movements within the ureteroscope. All baskets feature an ergonomic and removable handle that can be operated with one hand.


  • 4-wire construction for a maximum stone retention in a helical-wire design
  • Baskets feature effective expansion force and shape retention
  • Nitinol alloy, kink-resistant, and flexible design with atraumatic tip


  • Teflon coated sheath reduces friction and provides smooth movements within ureteroscopes


  • Removable, ergonomic and single-handed use
  • Quality torque to aid in stone capture
Dormia N. Stone Retrieval Baskets
Item Diameter



Basket Size(mm)

Sales UOM EA / Sales UOM
EXT624 2.5 90; 12.5 Each 1 EA
EXT424 3.0 90; 15.0 Each 1 EA
EXT224 4.0 90; 15.0 Each 1 EA

Indications for Use:

Extraction of urinary tract calculi.


  • Do not apply excessive traction to the Dormia® during withdrawal to avoid damaging the wires to the basket.
  • Take care to avoid all contact between the extractor and any electrical medical equipment.
  • Any contact with a stone fragmenting device may damage the wires of the basket.
  • A Dormia® extractor cannot be used if there is a kink in the wire. Never try to straighten a kinked wire.
  • Reuse of this single use product may create a potential risk to the user. Reprocessing, cleaning, disinfection and sterilization may compromise product characteristics which in turn create an additional risk of physical harm to or infection of the patient.

Adverse Events:

  • Lesions of the urinary tract if the operating procedure and the warnings set out are not observed.

Caution: Federal law (USA) restricts this device to sale by or on the order of a physician.

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